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Review: The overarching theme of Lupe Fiasco’s ‘HOUSE’ EP might challenge your perspective

Lupe Fiasco has proven time and time again that he can rap circles around most of our favorite rappers, and ‘HOUSE’ featuring Virgil Abloh falls nothing short of this sentiment. This latest installment is a collaborative EP with Florida based producer Kaelin Ellis, who Lupe connected with via Twitter during quarantine. The complex mind of Lupe Fiasco is always on display throughout his music, as the talented wordsmith uses metaphors to touch on a variety of subjects, oftentimes questioning the reality of what we know to be “the truth”. The overarching theme of this EP is individuality, self-acceptance, and truth, with a push for a change of perspective. He touches on topics related to the coronavirus and the injustices Black America has been facing, with a special homage paid to Ahmaud Arbery by Virgil Abloh, on the track ‘SHOES’. He challenges listeners to think beyond the everyday programming that has shaped us. For some, it may be easy to get lost, as Lupe projects his thoughts through rhyme and Virgil Abloh through spoken word, but have an open-mind, there are really great messages in each track.

Written by Manny King John

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