5@5: A morning playlist featuring Lukka, Young Planet, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Janice, Lukka, Young Planet, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Janice, Lukka, Young Planet, and more.


Young Planet
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

R. Flex – Thursday

When you’re in the groove, you want to hear something that matches your mood. R. Flex’s sexy new track “Thursday” is a beautifully-sequenced record that pulls inspiration from Janet Jackson’s 2001 hit single, “Someone To Call My Lover”, and modern R&B soundscapes. Hear the Canadian singer’s latest release now.

Charlee & Garabatto – Infected

The build-up for “Infected” is one that I associate with the mechanics of waking up earlier than usual. Charlee Muse’s alarming vocals and Garabatto’s production are one of a kind, together. If you’re fans of power singers and EDM underlays, you might like “Infected.”

Janice – Queen

When is the last time you’ve heard a voice as dominating as Janice’s from a new artist? Sweden’s best-kept secret no more. Last month, the breathtaking vocalist was in New York City. She headlined a Sweden Makes Music showcase at Baby’s All Right. Additionally, she did a live session for Paste Magazine. “Queen”, on the other hand, is a motivating and inspirational song that rings true to women who identify with being in control of their lives. It’ll be difficult to head back to bed after you watch the video.

Lukka – Tin Can

Excuse me. Anything that reminds me of Pink Floyd gets a pass. I didn’t know where Lukka might be from, but it’s good to see she is also in New York City. To bring attention the gender of it all, it is exciting that she is a woman. My statement isn’t to take away from extraordinary vocalists like Syd Barnett or Robin Gibbs from The Bee Gees, but men aren’t the only species with invigorating falsettos. Stream the arresting psychedelic record “TIN CAN” now.

Young Planet – Chosen Few

Years ago, the incomparable Alex Ghassan introduced me to the traditional Hip-Hop sounds by Young Planet. Both from the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, New York, Eibol and Cidada, work hard to bring their music to the forefront. If you’re fans of rap music with legible words, give Young Planet your time. Their video for “Chosen Few” evokes their inner Beastie Boys. Watch the video now. I watched it at least four times.

Tamara Bubble – Laundry (Bonus)

For years, I’ve received emails from Tamara Bubble. Today, “Laundry” is the song I’ve listened to the most this week. I think it is the topic she chose to rap about this round. As fun as sex is, there’s usually a mess left behind. Here’s what I think: If you aren’t living together, it is the responsibility of the person who lives at the resident. If you live together, your man (or the dominant partner) should take care of the laundry. Listen to Tamara Bubble’s track now. It is from her new project, Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl.


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