Lucki Eck$ releases ‘Weightin’ On’ featuring Danny Brown

Lucki Eck$'s "Weightin' On" featuring Danny Brown cover art

Chicago’s Lucki Eck$ has teamed up with fellow midwest rapper Danny Brown, hailing from Detroit, on ‘Weightin’ On’ (featuring Danny Brown). ‘Weightin’ On’ fuses together Lucki Eck$’s nonchalant and laid back method with Brown’s unpretentious Hip-Hop style with a ghettotech tinge. The collaboration was born out of the two having both performed at Red Bull Sound Select’s: 4 Days in Austin this past March, at which Lucki Eck$ opened for Danny Brown as part of Red Bull Sound Select’s effort to pair emerging artists with headlining acts. The track will be released exclusively through Red Bull Sound Select. Check out the track below. The track will be available for purchase tomorrow, August 12 via iTunes.

Listen to Lucki Eck$’s “Weightin’ On” featuring Danny Brown via this link.


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