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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Lucas Brontk and Harry Mold

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Zarion Uti, Cap Finesse & Padrone, Noxek, and more.

Zarion Uti – Signal (Submission)

Outside of him being from Ghana, there were aren’t any other details to note from Zarion Uti. Thank goodness ‘Signal’ is worth your time. Check out the Afrobeat cut with the infectious production, bound to make you dance as soon as it comes on. It’ll wake you up inside, for sure.

Cap Finesse & Padrone – Church (Submission)

Flowing with the lyrical cadence championed from their city, Cap Finesse & Padrone’s ‘Church’ is a song about making it, being the greatness, and hoping it is contagious. Hear the track with positive affirmations from the Atlanta duo’s latest project titled ‘Hard Knocks’. We think it is perfect for all of the trap stars who woke up this morning to go to church and praise the Lord for waking them up another day. If you like Future, Migos, and Gunna, chances are, you’re going to feel this one.

Noxek – NVR FORGVN (Submission)

Everything was good and it became great when he started whispering! I love Noxek’s energy, the way he chooses to structure his music because it gives your ears different things to listen to! Watch the Samureye-directed visual for the track below. It’s a banger! If you’re the type who works out, the Lezter production will fit nicely on your cardio playlists.

Lucas Brontk – Womaback (Submission)

Here’s a serious question for anyone with ears that work and put to good use? How could you not want to risk it all as soon as you hear this bouncy bassline and catchy vocals? Then, the Brasilian producer had the nerve to release a video that shows us how to dance to the record. It’s hilariously scary. Check out Lucas Brontk’s official video for ‘Womaback’. If you aren’t the way they are by the end of this video, something might be wrong with you.

Here’s a statement from the artist himself:

The video finds an unusual and awkward bunch of characters attending group therapy. The song radiates confidence and that is the premise of the video. Our self-conscious group therapy hero’s rise at the sound of ‘Womaback’ on the radio and begin to feel themselves. They’re awful dancers but empowered. The video concludes with our strange characters discovering a new sense of confidence, exactly how ‘Womaback’ should make you feel.

Harry Mold – Drain (Submission)

Fiery as soon as it comes on, Harry Mold’s ‘Drain’ is one to listen to in the morning if your eyes are clammy and you can’t seem to find a way to climb out of bed. A good fourteen seconds pass, then, we’re introduced to his amazing voice! It’s the type of voice that you feel you’ve heard before, but you haven’t. Soon, you realise that it is the quality level that you’re familiarising. Bravo!

Eve Minor – Fuck.Love (Submission) (Bonus)

Approximately two months ago, Eve Minor came across an old friend, and this song is what came out of that experience. They say sour relationships and breakups tend to bring the best music out of us. Based on what we’ve heard, it isn’t far-fetched. The recording for ‘Fuck.Love’ isn’t the clearest (because it is an au naturel recording from Instagram Live), but its raw vocals and intense delivery are undeniable. We like this version of Eve Minor’s vulnerability most.


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