Review: LUC’s Halloween-released EP could wake up the dead

Between the two Los Angeles producers, singers, and songwriters, Kari Kimmel and Joe Corcoran accumulated millions of streams and thousands of placements in film. Check out LUC’s brand new EP, fittingly-titled, ‘Glow’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

In my mind as the title track of LUC’s six-track EP plays, bums are swaying; All hips are in choreographed sequence as they move in unison to the rhythm. The Eighties are the inspiration, fashion-wise, so the short shorts are necessary and appropriate. Next, an enchanting voice takes the bombastic track to higher heights. Opening a project with a title track is recommended if it will sound like LUC’s.

‘Over It’ has a different swing, but it’s also well-produced. It would do well amongst a young teenaged audience, who are dealing with first-time heartbreaks and all things adolescents go through. The album picks back up when ‘Ghost’ comes on, to me.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an entire project, by indie artists in this musical category, and I wasn’t bored after the first half of the release. Not bad at all. Check out the decorated Electro-Pop duo’s outstanding project below.

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