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Loyle Carner shares “Stars & Shards”

Loyle Carner

Introduced as a “new tune about a lost soul I used to know,” Stars & Shards is a haunting tale of watching from the outside as someone circles the drain. Told in his unique, detailed story, quick pace, Loyle Carner settles in a pocket between symbol, hits, and rhythmic guitar slaps. The South London-native is quickly growing in popularity and for good reason. In a sea of young rappers bragging about running the game for gold and glory, Carner stands loving, honest, and unapologetic; every word is an exhalation. It seems natural to include Loyle Carner on the list of the next generation of UK Rap kings. Listen to Stars & Shards. Across the pond or feel like a trip? Learn more about Loyle Carner’s Fall Tour.


Written by Camille Felicity

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