Louisahhh!!! Announces New EP, “Shadow Work”

Fresh off the release of her critically-adulated second EP with Maelstrom, Bromance Records’ American resident Louisahhh!!! announces the release of new solo EP “Shadow Work” out September 18. Heralded as the reigning “Queen of French techno”, Louisahhh!!! has won her crown developing an ear-catching paradoxical approach to electronic music production. Pairing powerful vocals with throbbing yet minimal beats, the American ex-pat has developed a musical style that may be inspired by harder, deeper and darker sounds, juxtaposed with her raw and enticing brilliance.

As an integral member of the Bromance Records family, Louisahhh!!! is frequently collaborating on various projects with label boss Brodinski and as the only female in the crew has naturally brought her feminine touch to the label through her art.

2015 also brings an exciting development in Louisahhh!!!’s collaboration with Maelstrom as they launch RAAR, a label curating and celebrating true pioneers in the realm of techno. Louisahhh!!! is also known as a passionate artist as well as being an opinionated writer and vocal spokesperson for females in the electronic music industry. Drawing inspirations from the warrior goddess archetypes of Joan of Arc and Athena alongside the art of Patti Smith, Marina Abramovic, Mapplethorpe and Wolfgang Tillmans to name but a few; through her own powerful lyrics, Louisahhh!!! is a force to be reckoned with. Louisahhh!!! has previously collaborated with Sonia Rykiel for music projects and the coming months will see her continue to branch into specific realms of fashion.

Speaking on the EP, Louisahhh!!! shares, “‘Shadow Work’ is a term used in Jungian psychology to describe ‘sub personalities’, or the darkest parts of ourselves, that get pushed beneath the surface, into the subconscious, as a coping mechanism. The tracks of the Shadow Work EP are about exposing and integrating these parts; healing the shadow, letting the darkness be a source of power. Unrequited longing and desire, transformation, the frustration of trying and failing; these themes are all explored musically and lyrically within the five tracks. It is deeper, braver, more intimate work than I have ever done before and I am incredibly grateful to be a vessel for it.”

Tour Dates:

9/5 – Lausanne, Switzerland @ Electrosanne Festival
9/11 – Vilnius, Lithuania @ Opaloka
9/16 – Boston, Massachusetts @ Naga
9/17 – Montréal, Canada @ Le Belmont
9/18 – New York, New York @ Good Room
9/24 Albuquerque, New Mexico @ Stereo Bar
9/25 – El Paso, Texas @ Lowbrow Palace
9/26 – San Diego, CA @ Bang Bang
10/9 – Berlin, Germany @ Haubentaucher
10/15 – Nantes, France @ Opium
10/16 – Paris, France @ Bromance Showcase
10/17 – Toulouse, France @ Le Bikini
10/24 – Besancon, France @ La Mez

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Written by Manny King John

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