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Queen LOSA’s “Sophisticated Ignorance” LP, Reviewed


ot many women in the music industry are “bringing the heat” in the rap game. It takes a certain type of woman to be phenomenal and sustain that credibility as a rapper. We are used to listening to female rappers focus on sexual content, which was cool while it lasted but now, in my opinion, there’s a lyrical rapper in particular, that is breaking every boundary that has ever existed: Atlanta’s finest Queen LOSA, the first lady of OGG, makes her presence is known with her 16-track LP, “Sophisticated Ignorance.”

The LP features production by MetroBoomin, Spinz, Protege Beatz, Oxy, Will A., Brandon Thomas, and the list goes on. All of the producers contribute bangers throughout the entire LP. Each track has an easy-going Trap flow of a beat; in the midst of Losa spitting lyrical flames, she is joined by her OGG family (OG Maco, Kushy Stash, and Larry June). Her presence is felt through each word that comes out her mouth. I think her tunnel-vision is beyond any woman in the industry because the truth is told, no one can compare to her.

“I swear I can cook, I should write a book called, ‘Money Making Recipes'” – LOSA

From start to finish, the tracks on ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ touches on being all about that money, her bossed-up ego, never being fake, and not fucking with fuck ni–as. The quality of this material fills the void of female rappers in this industry. At this point, I’ve heard the LP about three times and I get the same feeling. A fucking motivational feeling that has you reflect on life. I’m pretty sure that Losa knew that “Sophisticated Ignorance” was needed at this point in time. Speaking the truth that many carry throughout the day. The struggle can be felt, but the outcome of that brings her success. It’s a cutthroat straight to the point type of project. There is no sugarcoating and that’s exactly why I love this material.

Top three tracks:

“A Real One” (Produced by Protege Beatz):

Have you ever looked around and were like: Nah, they’re not real but they’re fucking with me because of where I’m headed? Then this track is about to rub that in even more and have you think about it. The beat on this track let’s you know that Losa is about to go in. Her effortless sensual-self speaks about birds, not keeping it real and keeping a real one. You have to be aware of your milieu. Basically, this song breaks down the ins and outs of a fake, opportunist, and what she calls a “duck ni–a.” Her insight on this is beyond real.

I suggest you have a seat and take some notes.

“Don’t Worry Bout Us” (Produced by FKi x MetroBoomin x Spinz):

We have all encountered certain people being too concerned about us or what we are doing. Losa informs you that you shouldn’t worry. Meanwhile, the FKi, MetroBoomin, and Spinz beat slaps from start to finish. Queen Losa goes in on how many have all these comments and opinions, but their life is not progressing. She’s not fucking with their fake shit, so she wonders why they are so worried about her. It’s an ongoing battle that happens in everyone’s life. So, OGG’s first lady understands but it shouldn’t phase you at any given point. She’s really not fucking with that. There are levels to this shit and you may not be on her level.

“Sauce 4 Dayz” feauring Kushy Stash (Produced by Protege Beatz):

On this saucy track, LOSA and Kushy Stash flows effortlessly connect to one another. It’s similar to when you pass the aux cord and it blows up because that shit is fire. That’s exactly how I felt when I listened to this joint. A steady ongoing beat that bangs, giving their lyrical ability an extra push. The OGG queen is definitely feelin’ herself, as she should. Give her a quick moment, as she elaborates on how she does it better, this tells me that she knows exactly who she is and what she brings to the table. Kushy Stash is not concerned about these hoes because he got more hoes than those hoes. I hope that you are following where this is going. Just lay low while you smoke that loud and get sauced.

By the time you finish listening to the entire 16-track LP, your life might just change. Your views on how women are progressing in the music industry will shift. You’ll even get a few lessons about life and what surrounds you. So, just let the first lady of OGG make it rain on you with some knowledge. On another note, Losa is more than just a “rapper.” She’s an artist that brings flavor. I respect her hustle and her ignition to let’s fucking do this. I genuinely appreciate this project “Sophisticated Ignorance,” her dedication, and the entire OGG familia.


Written by Manny King John

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