OGG’s First Lady LOSA releases video for “ENVY”


Back in March during SXSW, I was introduced to LOSA for the first time, during an interview. On that same night, I saw her on stage with OG Maco and the OGG familia. Now it’s June, and I must say I’ve watched her progression. She’s evolved, more and more.

The Atlanta-native female rapper LOSA just released her music video “Envy”, produced by Protegé Beatz and shot by Cincinnvti. The track is from her debut project titled “Sophisticated Ignorance”, which is set to drop this Summer. In the video, LOSA wears an OATW jacket, raps, and performs for a crowd. It is a pretty simple video but the OGG rising starlet shares pertinent insight about how being successful tends to attract envious people, which I think is very true. To much satisfaction, Queen LOSA’s originality and confidence can be felt through a screen.

Personally, there isn’t many female rappers that catch my attention but the LOSA has definitely proven otherwise. For any person on the rise, you should listen to this track, and for the ones who like to envy on the low, we see you boo.

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Written by Manny King John

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