Lord RAJA was a ‘Stoked Tourist’ when in Austin during SXSW 2015

Music for the synth-nerd in you.


Music for the synth-nerd in you.

Stoked Tourist’, the second single from Lord RAJA’s forthcoming LP —PARA— is surprisingly said to be inspired by a trip to a famous synth store in Austin, Texas. Featuring light vocals and plenty of those aspirational synths mentioned earlier, Chester Raj Anand, the Ghostly International producer is keeping it indie-experimental with his unique use of electronic drum patterns and other instrumentation. In October, he announced his album and released the first single, ‘Shook’. Check out the new Adult Swim/Ghostly International single below. PARA will be digitally on December 24 and physically on January 22.

Photo: Philistine DSGN

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