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Local Tourist Interviews: Remy Fox

Twerk Queen would be proud of Remy Fox.

I met Remy Fox, the Orange County-native, for the first time during my “underground party days” in Los Angeles circa 2007-2008. Remy was the real homie. She was definitely the scene’s “it girl” and a Local Tourist supporter since day one. I remember one time, she came to the clothing booth and spent $100 on Local Tourist gear. She turned people on in more ways than one.

Just two years later when I had my store in Downtown Los Angeles, The Local Tourist Spot, the Orange County native interned for me for a short while. Actually, she set up my first Tumblr, and explained what it was and how it works. Within this time period, the ageless performer claimed her rightful spot on stage at the audacious Ham On Everything parties. It’s actually where she linked up with Lil Debbie. Now, they tour together.

Remy Fox

In July, Remy Fox and Lil Debbie played live in Minneapolis and I caught up with them after their show for an interview. There were so many young female fans who loved being around Remy. They yearned to be like her. That night, I was a proud big homie for sure. In the video below, the infamous twerker discusses being banned from Twitter, puking when meeting Drake, how she met with Lil Debbie, the importance of social media and how it helped her to be who she is now, the definition of “linger,” and much more.

She also says that Snoop Dogg made her twerk for him for twenty minutes as he smoked a mountain of weed, and it was hard to do. During the interview, Lil Debbie says she wants Remy Fox to start rapping and do some “Mexican Spanish EDM,” and that we can thank Fox for her knowledge of the DJs.

Eric Fobair (Interviewer)
Richardine Bartee (Editor)


Written by Manny King John

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