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Review: Lizzy Latimer lays down the law in her new song ‘Can’t Cage Me’ featuring Kyah Baby


Lizzy Latimer's cover art

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, unfortunately, you know what it is like to be caged. Suddenly, your self-worth seems to diminish, if you had any, from the start. Then, you become one with your master. To some, that sentence back there may sound dark and twisted. For the controlling people out there, it is orgasmic. What struck me the hardest is the line about having an opinion. When I was in my most *dangerous* relationship, whenever I shared my thoughts, it went left. We could be having a good day. He would turn it into something else.

In Lizzy Latimer’s catchy pop song, there’s a message deeper than buried deceased bodies. Knowing your worth helps you with your decisionmaking skills. It’s why I decided to review this song. It gives necessary advice.

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