Live Review: Michael Blume at Mercury Lounge

Before his set at Mercury Lounge, I did not know about Michael Blume or his band.

Before his set at Mercury Lounge in New York City, I did not know about Michael Blume or his band.


Michael Blume is a shooting star, rocking the crowd at Mercury Lounge.


orever young: Legendary Soul musicians passed in the physical form, but their energy will remain. Generally speaking in the musical genres of Soul, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, Funk and Pop, Michael Blume’s carrying the baton of legends we have grown to love within the 20th century. You can always tell when a student has been studying within their craft to perform at their best to deliver quality. When the bright lights turn on at centre stage, Michael and his team have been preparing for the game while nobody’s watching.

It’s always an inspiration when you can experience quality entertainment that provides messages of love and peace. As we all go through life’s experiences, it’s important to learn from those lessons. “Blunder,” a song from Michael’s upcoming extended play, shares his struggles, loneliness and pain of being in love with others more than loving himself along the journey. I believe we all, at some point in our lives, like Blume can reach a point where we’ve had enough of being torn to pieces by loved ones when reflecting upon decisions and overcoming fears.

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I think Michael Blume is definitely on his way to becoming a household name. His musical and fashion fusion is trendy, having a lot to say about the team and brand that has been coordinated to suit a liberal creative mindset such as, Blume. Before his set at Mercury Lounge, I did not know about Michael Blume or his band.

I am looking forward to Michael Blume’s next show in New York City, and his forthcoming extended play within the next quarter.



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