“Lite The Fuse” With All-New Death Set Video

The Death Set
Image: Bryce Ward

You’ll never look at pizza… the same… again

Directed by Sofia Szamosi, the “Lite The Fuse” video is the first of two music videos The Death Set are presenting as a diptych, unified by the ridiculous concept of pizza and demonstrating two sides of their extremely individual songwriting and visual style. The first video for “Lite The Fuse” is a brutal, screaming, analogue synth stomper, complete with its sexualized pizza facial and pizza bikini visual stimulation (think pepperoni nipples). The second video for “Soar Away” juxtaposes strangely and equally beautifully a melodic hands-in-the-air punk anthem with its ironic takes on a “girl next door” pizza love story.

King Babies—a follow-up to their critically acclaimed album Michel Poiccard (2011)—sees the duo Johnny Siera and Dan Walker along with hard-hitting drummer Will Broussard return to full form. The EP launches with the fast-paced “Lite The Fuse,” a screaming ode to its moombahton-inspired beat that features furious vocals, unnerving Punk heaviness, and a grimy bass line. “Think Shank,” inspired by ‘80s hardcore, follows suit with electronic builds, back-and-forth vocals, and a half-time bridge that begs listeners to bounce. “Soar Away” shows the melodic side of The Death Set, which includes a pop-leaning chorus of anthemic proportions. The track pays homage to their previous popular tracks like “Negative Thinking” and is a melodic journey about conquering self-doubt. King Babies closes strong with “The Enemy” with electronic blips and a stomping beat behind lyrics that give voice to the madness of internal dialogue.

The King Babies EP from The Death Set also celebrates Dim Mak Records’ 500th release. The EP’s brash mix of cross-genre Punk, Noise, Grunge, and beyond marks a full circle for Dim Mak Records as it perfectly meshes the label’s punk rock roots and current status as a leading brand in Contemporary Electronic music. The King Babies EP from The Death Set is available now on Dim Mak Records. Purchase it on iTunes.

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Written by Manny King John


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