Listen to Tim North’s “100 Proof,” Produced by High Klassified

Right away, you feel the beat by High Klassified. Like, crazy. It’s that atmospheric, moody, headphones-on-walking-at-night music. It’s got that driving-with-your-windows down, moon-in-your-eye type steez to it. It’s that “make you think” type beat. Tim North, no relation to Peter, I believe, can rhyme. When I say rhyme, I mean he can spit it. In my opinion, North is just too much like Alexander Spit (whom I’m a huge fan). North has potential. I think he just needs time to find his own voice, cadence and avenue. It’s not bad, we’ve just heard it before.


Bottom line is, the boys and girls who dress the same, talk the same and act the same as each other, are going to eat this track up. I’m looking forward to more beats by High Klassified, and would love to hear this as just an instrumental.

Listen to the track via this link or the player above.

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Written by Manny King John

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