Listen To Rawyals’ “King Me” featuring Fetty Wap

Ok ladies, there is another girl group on the rise and hey go by the name Rawyals. Pronounced (Royals), this trio bring strength / sass with debut single “King Me” featuring Fetty Wap. Who are the women behind the name? Rawyals consist of Asia Shabazz, Ariel Nicholson, and Bel Cabrera. Developed by Music Executive / Producer Kedar Massenburg, talent has been honed and making promo rounds in top markets.

To see the vision come to life, the music video is out now. Playing up on the theme behind the name, moments of the girls as chess pieces, elaborate decor, and of course choreography set the tone. With the digital EP release “In the Raw”, out by the end of the month, artists like Troy Ave, Wale, and Remy Ma will also be featured. Love seeing women uniting and making it known girl power is here to stay.


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Written by Manny King John

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