Listen To “Ay Ay”, Otherkin’s Explosive New Record

I haven’t really checked my email for a month or so, so I assume this track came as an answer to my recent call for more edgy, high-energy, guitar-heavy, Rock music submissions. After listening to this new record, released today, by Otherkin, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. They’re too good of a secret to keep. There’s a refreshing, nostalgic way about them that I really enjoy, to be frank, the idea of “grunge pop” is as interesting as seeing a millipede for the first time as a city girl but it totally suffices in hindsight. So full of vivacity and vigor; just the way I like it.

Legend has it, the Irish rockers have found themselves on the lips of Irish tastemakers due to their style of infectious Grunge with serious Pop hooks. They are so 90s, that I’ve envisioned their song in the background of a top tier car commercial, and I look forward to hearing from them in the very near future. Check out “Ay Ay” now, via this link or the player above.

For more Otherkin, just click here.

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