Listen: “Money Do” by Jeremih featuring Gucci Mane


Jeremih has hits that you’ve never heard; this is another one. The Chi-town cutie tethers between rapping and singing on “Money Do”. As a Martin aficionado, I cherish any and all allusions.

“Niggas can’t see me, Big Shirley.”

Jeremih holds his own with the sorcerer of Rap, Gucci Mane.

Gucci conjures the icy chorus:

“I don’t have an ego but my money do […] I don’t like to show out but my money do.”

This song has no filter; it is short and sweet enough for the DJ to let the song rock out in its entirety. It feels like a surprise single. They released it late enough to get that Spring burn while lasting the entire Summer. Definitely add this to your pre-game playlist.


Written by Manny King John

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