Listen: “Money Do” by Jeremih featuring Gucci Mane


Jeremih has hits that you’ve never heard; this is another one. The Chi-town cutie tethers between rapping and singing on “Money Do”. As a Martin aficionado, I cherish any and all allusions.

“Niggas can’t see me, Big Shirley.”

Jeremih holds his own with the sorcerer of Rap, Gucci Mane.

Gucci conjures the icy chorus:

“I don’t have an ego but my money do […] I don’t like to show out but my money do.”

This song has no filter; it is short and sweet enough for the DJ to let the song rock out in its entirety. It feels like a surprise single. They released it late enough to get that Spring burn while lasting the entire Summer. Definitely add this to your pre-game playlist.


Written by Sade Wilkins

Sade is an unrepentant super fan of good music and great food. Hard to impress, but always searching for that heat, whether in the kitchen or in the studio. She is Brooklyn's Bon Vivant.