#5NewTracks to get through the week (Lion Sphere, Crucial Features)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of AFRO SAM, Lion Sphere, Crucial Features, and more.

Lion Sphere
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Chow Mane & Jordan Garrett – Move In Silence (Submission)

As we tend to do in the music industry, once there’s a sound that resonates with large amounts of people, almost everyone will begin to follow suit. It’s the music business, so fighting against that system, without a definitive plan, is useless. I’d like to think that’s where Chow Mane and Jordan Garrette were coming from when they created ‘Move In Silence’. Before the vocals come in, it sounds like BlocBoy JB’s monster hit, featuring Drake, ‘Look Alive’. Taking a different route, Chow Mane & Jordan Garrett take the familiar instrumental to show off their comedic side. Check out the new track below.

Bart Kobain – Krank It Up (Submission)

I would imagine that wishing you can turn anyone’s girlfriend into a concubine is at the top of the list of disrespectful things to say. Bart Kobain has won at being the intolerable fuckboy with his latest track entitled, ‘Krank It Up’. Listen to the many ways he states his case through the song below.

Lion Sphere – Keep Dreaming (Submission)

I can’t determine if wanting someone to catch you when you fall is a good thing or if it is foolish. I am unsure if there is a correct answer. Nonetheless, I guess it feels right at that moment. As an adult, I can’t say that I’m trusting enough. I wouldn’t want to give anyone else the responsibility of breaking my fall. Yes, I imagine it is what your partner (at every stage) is supposed to do, but I think it’s only fair that we reserve specific duties for our lifelong partners. You know, people who can reciprocate the amount of love that we give to them. Regardless, we do it, time and time again. Isn’t love the purest yet, at times, the most daunting thing of them all? I reckon it’s why we can’t do it alone. Fall.

Tyro – Together (Submission)

This song couldn’t come at a better time. Recently, I met someone who I like a lot. They remind me of myself. And for that reason, I am scared to death. However, in the same breathe, I have thought about what it would be like to be with that individual. It’s one of those situations where if you start it, you wouldn’t want it to end. Based on what I’ve read about the song, Tyro, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter wrote ‘Together’ about being obsessed with someone. The Lebanese via Los Angeles musician has a unique way of telling stories. Play the track below to hear what I mean.

Crucial Features – Smaugia

I haven’t heard sexier voices than the three that make up the Lithuania band, Crucial Features. I couldn’t tell you what they are saying, but the lead vocalist delivers it like a Queen. That could be because of how they present their music and the social topics that they continuously address in each release. If you’re looking to explore new music, perhaps, outside of your dialect/language made with passion and fire, get into ‘Smaugia’.

AFRO SAM – Basic (Submission)

British rapper AFRO SAM takes an impressive Grime beat to address the simple people in his life, people who switch up for personal benefits, and achieving his dream. To be frank, his voice and flow are admirable.

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