Review: Lil Bizzy provides the perfect chill vibe on new ‘Manifest’ EP


Listen to the Cleveland-native rapper Lil Bizzy’s newest EP, Manifest. It’s the follow up to his debut, SOUL (Son Of Uh Legend).


Lil Bizzy's cover art for "Manifest"
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Last year, Lil Bizzy told GRUNGECAKE, “I don’t want to be my dad. I want to be better. I do it for the love of music.” A man earnest of his word, Bizzy proves his finesse and progression on his new EP, ‘Manifest’. The five-track project dropped on March 16 after Bizzy had been letting fans know through social media that new music was on the way.

A month ago, the Cleveland, Ohio based artist highlighted a clip on his Instagram from a 1993 interview of Tupac Shakur where the legendary rapper was expressing what hustle, ambition, and having dream meant to him. “I got to hustle for my own, and any man out there got to feel me. It ain’t about milking off the next man… I’m finna come up on my own!”, Shakur had expressed. The video labelled with the caption ‘Manifest,’ is a clear proponent that seems to have led Bizzy to utilize that same message and convey it on his new project.

Starting with the track ‘Boule’ and subsequently followed by ‘Get It’, Bizzy lyrically explicates what striving for successful endeavours and while being uniquely sophisticated is all about.

Exercising his vocals on next track, ‘Throwed as F**ck’, the rapper displays his versatility. A true virtuoso, Bizzy exhibits his Bone Thug influence with a light pitch and a flow like lightning, but still depicts his wavy style. The fourth track on the project, ‘Then Smoke,’ was the debut single from the EP. Providing the perfect blend of a chill but exuberant tone, it’s already an anthem for the smokers. Last but not least, ‘Understood’ featuring Rashad is the final track. With a lovable euphonious hook, this song will surely be on repeat. Short and sweet, the relaxed vibe of this song makes you envision driving on a hot day with the windows down, feeling carefree, with speakers booming; that’s how cool it is. Equipping listeners with an array of sensational melodies and dope lyricism, ‘Manifest’ should be added to your music library and enjoyed.

‘Manifest’ by Lil Bizzy is available on all streaming services.

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