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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Lex Lidia and KZA K’ Lee

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of jarradcleofe, iamtheliving, Datta Boy & Ronny Bueller, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

KZA K’ Lee – Heavenly Father (Submission)

KZA K’ Lee releases his single, ‘Heavenly Father’, which comes off as a prayer or conversation with God about his life and journey to find his place and purpose on this earth. Through this journey there are many ups and downs, as well as moments and thoughts he finds himself getting caught up with. In turn, he also finds himself struggling to reach the next level of success, always feeling that he is a step behind, which drive his emotional position and brings him to a place of finding avenues to generate what success he’s struggling to see. It’s a real track, In that it speaks to the pain and confusion associated with the lack of direction. The song is a solid song, and with some adjustment in the mixing of the track and future tracks, he can hold his own and create a space in music for himself. Check out KZA K’ Lee’s ‘Heavenly Father’ below. (Brandon Wint)

jarradcleofe – way u lookin’ (Submission)

I think it is safe to say music with heavy bass or drums is part of my vast ever-changing musical love language. It’s what speaks to me most, connects to my being and makes me feel good inside. There’s also nothing like an expensive-sounding Dubstep treatment, doused with every element you can fathom to make a wonky record great. If you aren’t able to blast this before nine o’clock in the morning, you’re living in the wrong place. Move! And if you can’t afford to move or your lease is active, move your body like a snake, ma.

The love song is from jarradcleofé’s new eight-track album titled, ‘Be There 4 U’.

Lex Lidia – Ballin Like I’m 53 (Submission)

I love being youthful and almost everything the youth emits into the world today, so Lex Lidia’s ‘Ballin’ Like I’m 53’ is not only reflective of how a young person thinks, I like how smooth it is; how the artist decided to tell his story.

iamtheliving – It’s In All of Us (Submission)

Everything about this record from the vocals, to everything, said, will make you think: How is it that I am just finding out about this artist? iamtheliving, a Contemporary R&B singer based in Vancouver, released a soulful track that starts with lines about his father dying a poor man but rich in love, how his death affects his mother and how things moving in cycles. Listen to ‘It’s In All Of Us’.

Datta Boy & Ronny Bueller featuring KoKane – Outer Space (Submission)

If you grew up during Snoop Dogg’s prime or you are a fan of George Clinton, ‘Outer Space’ will hit you differently. Travel with the flowy cosmic energy fueling the fantastic G-Funk moment. Datta Boy and Ronny Bueller’s latest record is the sexiest and steamiest record I have heard in a while. Start your morning with this one!

InfraVibe – Synthetic Ambience (Submission) (Bonus)

Have you ever lived with roommates or family members who do everything in their power to annoy you? Mornings at our house are as dainty as InfraVibe’s wet, fluid, and futuristic composition, ‘Synthetic Ambience’. Liquid pours into cups, water runs from various faucets, and unwanted bacteria or mucus leaves the mouth of a fellow human being. Why can I hear it? The door is always open like a fucking 7-Eleven or like a barn door. We don’t run any convenience stores neither are we dwelling in the countryside.

Born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, the Canadian record producer shares the title track from his new seven-track EP. His well-thought execution helped to make my morning less stressful. I was able to play this and cut out most of the gargling noises.

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