Ghanaian Afrobeats singer Lesléy shares music video for ‘Spiritual’: Watch

Afrobeats artist Lesléy has served us with a sensational music video dubbed ‘Spiritual’. The reel opens up with the singer walking into a rehearsal room where his love interest is flexing some dance moves. He unashamedly makes himself comfortable watching the showstopper wriggle and swirl her body like a deliberate belly dancer. Lesléy continues to confess the aftermath of his previous sexual adventure with this gorgeous woman, equating the events to those of a higher power or meaning—spiritual. The moderate Afro-jazzy and mellow instrumental creates a hypnotic atmosphere that marries the carnal themes of both the composition and the visuals. The magic lies in the depths of our protagonist’s piercing stare, one he never breaks, as it is conventional wisdom that eyes are a symbol of divine omniscience. What an interesting piece of art!

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