Barcelona-based producer and pianist Leomode douses us in ‘Plastic and Gold’: Listen

To be honest, I had to run this track back and roll-up. The atmosphere of this song was like sitting on a hilltop and watching the sunset with your first love. I was immediately seduced by the melodic piano in the first fifteen seconds. It was soon, then followed by a funky bass, a tambourine, and a melody that would rock your neo-soul. It’s mainly an instrumental track aside from the sample of a male crooning “a dream” over the beat. I definitely enjoyed this song and it sounded like the producer enjoyed making it. I also love the visual provided. There’s something about the moon deejaying until the sunrises, that resonates.

Written by Jeffrey Deon Chambers

Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23-year-old photojournalist and visual artist from Queens, New York. Since a young one, he developed a knack for writing and a limitless love for music. His ears know no boundaries. From the enticing vocals of Andrea Bocelli, to the genius production from the fingertips of MF DOOM, Deon constantly finds himself inspired. Aside from music and visuals, Deon is a movie enthusiast and foodie.