Let love reenter your life and rule: A review for Ledisi’s album


I’d recommend the album to anyone who is looking for answers about love. Especially, self-love.



Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ledisi’s profound, energetic new album, “Let Love Rule,” opens with an interlude by the one and only Iyanla Vanzant. You know Iyanla, the woman who famously coaches people and families to get back on track. Well, she reminded us why we ought to take action today. The truth of the matter is, waking up each day is equivalent to making it to paradise.

“Shot Down” is a drum-heavy tale that tells a story about being shot because of the colour of your skin, for being Black. It doesn’t talk about males only. It also mentions females. Acknowledging a harsh reality, Ledisi sings,

“The Black lives only matter certain days.”

Next, an interlude by Soledad O’Brien, the anchor of ‘Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien,’ described as “the nationally syndicated weekly political show.” On it, she counters what Ms Vanzant says.

“No matter what happens today. Tomorrow is a new start.”

The title track is self-explanatory. The “Hello To The Pain” interlude, featuring Iyanla Avant, suggests it is alright to feel pain. In fact, she shared that we should allow ourselves to feel it so we can forgive ourselves. Right after, “Forgiveness” comes on. I think it is one of the most beautiful records on the album because it asks the hard questions. It also places responsibility on others, who may have broken your heart. Her voice also sounds incredible on this record.

“Here” is a track about presence and accountability. BJ the Chicago Kid, one of my favourite singers, features on the next song (“Us 4ever”) which talks about arguing and fighting with your lover. John Legend opens the following track singing that he can read his woman like a book. “High” is another fantastic song. I listen to it often.

Again comes an interlude with Soledad O’Brien. In the interlude, it says it is important to listen. So you can understand. I am no expert, but I think it is a huge part of loving someone else. The album ends off with the upbeat, “If You Don’t Mind.”

Overall, the album is about love, religion, relationships, and overcoming tough issues. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for answers about love. Especially, self-love.