Leah Capelle’s “Docs” inspires article about insecurities

Insecurity is a thing—no, a monster that suffocates—a large group of people.

Insecurity is a thing—no, a monster that suffocates—a large group of people. Stream Leah Capelle’s new track about wanting to be someone else now.



don’t know. Overall, I have a hard time supporting this message. However, I appreciate it because it is an honest one. Wanting to be someone other yourself sounds dangerous to me, but then again, I’ve had the support I needed to be the comfortable person that I am. I know that everyone isn’t as fortunate as I am. No one should take that the wrong way neither. My life isn’t perfect, but there are certain things that I’ve received to mould me into the individual I am today. Maybe what I have the problem with is the act of trying to achieve perfection and the psychology behind it all. I am not okay with the way one group of people can make another group of people feel less than their worth.

Without a doubt, I am aware that insecurity is a thing—no, a monster that suffocates—a large group of people. I am not exempt. I have weak moments, too, but it usually concerns things that I cannot control or change. (I see how that can go for people with faces they are teased about, too.)

During your impressionable years, I think it is healthy to want to experiment; To desire to go through multiple phases. Some people change up their hair. Others go the piercing and tattoo route. I believe it is one of the measures we take to find ourselves, visually. Nevertheless, what I have a puzzling time grasping is the idea of what leads to permanent and surgical changes. Yes, we live in modern times where changing your body parts is common, but cosmetic alterations to the face are weighty. In a sense, it erases who you were. Of course, if that’s what you’re going for, then, great. Criminals, allegedly, used to do it to evade capture. Are ordinary people and pop stars getting plastic surgery to run from their inner voices?

Fortunately, I am happy with the way my face looks. I’m sure there are thousands of other people who think and feel otherwise, though, so I am not judging for the sake of justice. I just want people to heal and be well, inwardly. I like Leah Capelle’s voice, so I decided to share “Docs”. I almost wished it was for another Leah Capelle song.

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