Listen to Leaf’s short, new EP “Magnet Bitch”

Fool’s Gold artist Leaf is making her presence known with her new, fiery EP, Magnet Bitch. The 3-track effort serves as an aggressive escape into Leaf’s world if only for the 10 minutes that it runs. Personifying her Magnet Bitch Movement, the L.A. transplant utilizes this project to spread the message of “female solidarity.” While her strength and bravado leave this piece drenched, Leaf plays as a conundrum when she matches her malicious rhymes with a weaved-in soothing voice as she sings for her listening audience. It’s as if she’s trying to balance out the aggression in true feminine form.

With a range of presence, this powerful artist gives listeners an edge with a feminine feel. Much like a familiar artist of the past, Leaf sounds like what a modern day Aaliyah would transform into to stay up with the times and relative. While her lyrics are a bit more raw, potential fans could possibly build a similar cult following if this upcoming artist proves to be the second-coming. If Magnet Bitch is any indicator of what Leaf’s album will sound like, the industry’s got a problem on their hands.


Written by Manny King John

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