Behind-the-scenes with: Leaf at Fool’s Gold Day Off LA 2015

You’ve never quite seen Leaf like this.

Tania Espat
Tania Espat

When I come across behind-the-scenes footage of my favorite artists, it’s never enough. Knowing more about the artist — onstage and offstage — is important to me. Most of the time, behind-the-scenes footage involves a skimpy Q&A, leaving out essential information of who the interviewees actually are. In my eyes, that’s not what defines a full showcase. So because of it, I’ve decided to contact Leaf, a rapper newly signed to Fool’s Gold Records. I wanted to experiment. It was perfect timing for me since Fool’s Gold Day Off in Los Angeles was close.

The video was shot by Los Angeles-based DJ, visual artist, and creator of #BEEN TRAPT# (the only Trap / Punk / Industrial / Reggaeton party of its kind), Eric Estrada aka RIOTBOOOY. He’s known for rigidly revealing moments leading up to the artist’s performance, which the public usually are not lucky enough to witness. Estrada’s technique and minimalist approach can only be summed up as “Straight Outta Art School.” In the video, Estrada captures Leaf during soundcheck and transitions into a scene of her in the dressing room. She dons her own line, MBM and both of her dancers Siren and Lashae join her step by step.

As the day progressed, the audience filled the venue. I remember the vibration and intensity rising, as the time wound down for her performance. Although it was one of the hottest days in Los Angeles, Leaf was in good spirits. The experience was organic. Nothing was scripted or rehearsed. It was an enjoyable experience from the beginning to the end. Being the observer, I witnessed the hard work and dedication that it takes to get the job done. When Siren and Lashae move, it’s as if only they are the only ones in the room. Everyone and everything fades. The music gets louder and nothing else matters.

The verdict: Leaf is just like you and I. She’s just living her dream. I’m grateful for Leaf and team for allowing us the opportunity.


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