Zambia-born artist LAVI$H shares song about loyalty and friendship ‘Army’: Listen

Do you have friends that will ride for you no matter what? ‘Army’ is about authentic friendships and according to the artist, its lyrics “dive deep into the topic of making the right choices as a young man emerging from a toxic environment with its fair share of challenges.” To need someone is to trust in their delivery. Before the moment this song was submitted, I hadn’t heard about LAVI$H, but I found out he shared stages with Bhad Bhabie, 88 Glam, and was born in Lusaka, Zambia-before relocating to Canada.

Hear the Toronto, Canada-based artist LAVI$H walk all over the uptempo Sonobeats production. My favourites parts are when he mentions the signing of NDAs during one of his verses. It reminds me of all high-profile male entertainers.

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