Bay Area rapper Larry June released ‘You’re Doing Good’, so we received it—honestly

Larry needs to stop fronting and pull up on a real one with an album.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Larry needs to stop fronting and pull up on a real one with an album.

Larry June's cover art for 'You're Doing A Good Job'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Bay bred Larry June recently released his latest EP, ‘You’re Doing Good’. Sonically, it falls into my favourite genre, easy listening Trap; it is dry, groovy, contemporary and repetitive. ‘Doing Good’ leads us into stellar tracks ‘Healthy’ with Jazz Cartier and ‘So Organic’. Both songs shine through the first half of the project. Please do yourself a favour and opt for headphones to really lay into the lyrics. Anything Chuck Inglish is a blessing to me. Larry June soars on this nod to Florida’s very own ‘Two Live Crew’. They finessed the Miami Bass ushering in a contemporary sound.

As far as Rap features go, it is kept pretty minimal. Mr June locked in and focus is the artist at his best. The transparency he displays is commendable. Too many rappers are health conscious in an interview but never a song; constantly endorsing liquor brands and promoting drugs they are not using.

My personal favourites are ‘On Me’ and ‘Throw Sum’. Straight slaps that should have been in sequence order. ‘On Me’ is what we come to expect from Trap… all base and bravado thumping through 808s and hi-hats. The melodic ‘Throw Sum’ creates an environment in which he actually floats all over the track. I wish we had more peaks into this Larry June. He instantly placed me back to the Dom Kennedy scored Summer of 2012.

Although a great effort, I want more. Aside from Larry’s green lifestyle, I don’t know who he is. I want some perspective. We need some personality. At times, the EP sounds too cool, too put together and too glossy. He is like the hood cutie—that you eagerly greet all the time. As many interactions as you have shared, you only know that he seems cool, but nothing else. Larry needs to stop fronting and pull up on a real one with an album.

Hear Larry June’s newest extended play below.

Written by Manny King John

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