Watch the captivating visual for ‘The Talis-man on the Age of Glass’, LA Salami’s July offering

Photo: NPR

Doubts get bolder, my fears learn to stray

On ‘The Talis-man on the Age of Glass’, LA Salami waxes poetic about humanity, life and time. And to put it simply: if you don’t listen closely, you’re going to miss some very profound shit. Salami’s delivery and visuals might trick listeners into thinking that ‘Age of Glass’ is a lighthearted, folksy tune. On the contrary, although Salami’s smooth, high vocals coupled with the airy, guitar-led beat may even be calming to some, his songwriting is sage-like and illuminating.

As years get shorter, I see a wiser way; old men have oceans, as humans have their fields of days

LA’s commentary on the fragility of human nature and Earth are nothing short of earnestly thought-provoking. And in the music video for ‘The Talis-man’, he dons white gloves, blackface and black body paint, and a full mustard suit. He performs the song while dancing and gyrating around a studio, making sure, every eighty seconds or so, to incorporate the “shoot” dance, popularized by BlocBoy JB back in 2018. What’s deceptive about LA is that he’ll perform this generally carefree dance while sincerely singing about the mortality of the human body, or the solidity of time, or the nearsightedness/myopia of ideas; all in the Age of Glass.

Written by Manny King John

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