British artist Kwazi Cort addresses harsh realities in his BL@CKBOX freestyle episode: Watch

The way British rapper Kwazi Cort kicks off his verse on the Drill beat lets us know right away that men don’t play in the ends—which is also known as the East End of London for the people who aren’t in the loop. Aside from the ‘badman talk’, he talks the relatable route to talk about how his parents would react if they find out he’s carrying heavy artillery and involved with individuals who cause heinous crimes. Also, he lightly mentions his skin complexion, stating you probably won’t see him at seven in the evening, so it’ll be easy for him to surprise you in the dark.

Watch the BL@CKBOX freestyle video below with his intense, followed by a more subtle delivery below. More like an instrumental the Diplomats would rap over, Kwazi Cort details what it’s like to be from London, and the price one may have to pay to get out of the trap.


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