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These Black women—Kumari D’Shay and Kuniah Adrian—make us feel the truth with ‘Lies We Tell’: Watch

Black Lives Always Matter

Music can be fun and full of positive vibes, but there comes a time when we need music that reflects on current events and puts into words what we feel. Kumari D’Shay and Kuniah Adrian came together to give us something that gives a lyrical maze of our weariness, questions, and frustrations.

I want to give praises and accolades to the production of this record. The beat is one of a kind because it breaks away from the Boom-Bap sounds and old school Blues samples that other artists are using. The visual comprises powerful images and video footage into a montage of current events and, most importantly, Black lives. These two women deliver raw energy that sounds and feels somber, questioning, and exasperated.


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