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Review: Nashville, Tennessee singer Krigarè finds purpose on self-titled album


Krigarè's self-titled album
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Krigarè’s self-titled album is the epitome of introspection as she takes that necessary journey in finding herself and her purpose in life while battling her demons. From the first track, ‘Silhouette’ it is evident that on this journey she is “trying to survive,” but the only way is to keep maintaining a light in the darkness. The album maintains a theme of self-reflection and survival, then we get to the track ‘Royal Blood’ which comes off as an anthem to of self-realization and self-acceptance, being secure in the understanding of the fact that she is here and ready, “coming for the crown.” The latter portion of the album carries a more victorious tone, with tracks like ‘Destiny’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Sparks’, where she accepts her destiny, “pushes through the pain” and spreads her light. This album is pure and gives us a look into the mind of Krigarè, and maybe even ourselves, making it a great listen!

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