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Danish musician Kool Kat shares ‘Mentality’, a song about how we present ourselves on social media
Kool Kat's cover art for Mentality


Kool Kat's cover art for Mentality
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Creating under musical genre categorisations that aren’t necessarily popular today, or what we always hear on the airwaves in North America, Danish singer-songwriter Kool Kat decides to tell an honest story about defining love, its differences and how it affects us as human beings. As the song progresses, she touches on anxiety, disagreeing with mentalities that are not like hers, and giving up. It’s no surprise as Kool Kat finds inspiration in Erykah Badu and Any Winehouse—both striking and talented women who are known for explicitly giving us fair glances into their lives—one note at a time within the confines of Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.

“The lyrics revolve around the contrast between reality and how we present ourselves on social media. It’s about the acceptance that love can exist without material things and the freedom to love fully without being consumed by it. I want my music to provoke people to reflect on their actions and demystify the lies that surround the truth of our everyday lives,” she shared.

Listen to the smooth, contemporary blend known as ‘Mentality’ from the London-based musician’s album, ‘Hermetic Beauty’, below. If you’re into creative ways of expressing yourself, you may get a kick out of Kool Kat’s lyric video. It’s different. I enjoy how it explains each sentence, stanza, or lyric in the song.

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