Congolese World band Kongo Dia Ntotila share ‘Kongo’: Listen

Get ready for non-stop dancing.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

At my age; all I’ve been through, I want to relax and allow the people and things around me to be empowered, inspired, and as energetic as this music. I’ve had a pretty wild life, been through a lot since young, but it was music that brought me to the brighter side. How do the lively drums on Kongo Dia Ntotila’s new record compare or fit with my statement? Growing up in said conditions, you learn to find your version of peace amongst the chaos. A healthy balance is a goal to achieve. I didn’t grow up listening to music with Congolese lyrics, but the beat of that drum is universal. ‘Kongo’ is out now on Pussyfoot Records. Stream it now.


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