Kodak Black shares ‘Roll In Peace’ featuring XXXTentacion

He doesn’t even believe in Jesus. Why he got a Jesus piece?


Kodak Black and XXXTentacion team up for ‘Roll In Peace’. Watch the official music video below.

Photo: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

I’m going to start this article off by stating the following. The controversy that swarms around both rappers are massive. I have read the details of the charges belonging to both gentlemen. The allegations aren’t sweet (Kodak Black’s ‘first-degree sexual conduct’ charges and XXXTentacion’s felony and ‘alleged domestic violence’ charges), but I wasn’t there when it happened. All of us that write about it wasn’t. I am no judge. Nor do I understand how the law works, in detail, so until the allegations are proven to be true, I will continue to write about the music, only.

Last year, I had my fair share of court visits. There’s something cold about the institution. The way people treat—even when you’re the victim is outstanding. I could understand why abused people stay away. Perfect strangers are annoyed with one another, conducive to results, but that’s another topic for another day. I don’t enjoy anything about a court.

In the video, Kodak Black appears in a county jail orange jumpsuit in church. Artistically, it is interesting. I could make several analogies, but I won’t. For the sake of artistic interpretation though, a church is viewed as a prison to some. Some members of the church judge you like a professional judge. Perhaps, praying for his freedom is the only connection.

Personally, ‘Roll In Peace’ is my favourite Kodak Black track. Aside from the melody, I like that it touches on disloyalty of lovers, fame, and legal battles. Whether all of the things they say are valid or suited, it shows the emotional sides of each entertainer.

XXXTentacion isn’t in the video, but his image and voice are present. I could only imagine what it’s like to be a young person from Florida right now. I’m sure they play this one loud! Check out the official video below.