#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Kit Sebastian, Shiffley)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Rugby Wild, Kit Sebastian, Shiffley, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Rugby Wild, Kit Sebastian, Shiffley, and more.


Rugby Wild – Chickenshack (Submission)

“Chickenshack” is a song about what goes on in rapper Rugby Wild’s life and his choice of vices. The short song comes from the musician’s forthcoming LP titled, “Millennials.” According to the 24-year-old, he brings originality in an industry that seemingly lacks inventiveness. In protection of what I know to be true, there’s an ocean of talent out there. Do not ever think there aren’t tens of thousands of people making new music all year. However, what’s popular is popular. We (music journalists, editors, and artists & repertoires) don’t fully control that. What we do, do is revel, support, or the lack thereof. Will all underground music ever become popular? Who knows? Nonetheless, I could understand anyone’s frustration.

Rugby Wild, the Newark creative, shared that “So many artists are trying to make money off of what’s already proven to sell, but you can be original and still get noticed.” As we wait for the body of music to see the light of day, hear him out below.

Kit Sebastian – Desiree (Submission)

In what starts off as a song the metal-faced rapper has laid verses for, London-based group Kit Sebastian shares the latest hazy, psychedelic single from their short four track EP—Passionate Objects—recorded at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and a house in rural France. I wish I could hear every word in the audio file, but I cannot. Not the English. Not the French. Depending on what woman you play this song for, she might have marriage in mind. It is no simple song. It screams passionate love for life.

All the Rest – First Class Lover (Submission)

Multiple spurts of energy come forth whenever I’ve played All the Rest records. Whether you know it or not, most music is about girls/women. That doesn’t stop here. The upbeat number is about the feels, being a first-class lover, and a broken heart. Hear the latest record by the Alt-Rock quartet now.

Fretmiden – Dynamic Equilibrium (Submission)

And even more, energy pierces through when “Dynamic Equilibrium” comes on. Norwegian Metal band Fretmiden’s music is not only exciting to the ear, but the group are spanking new. Gearing up for their first album “Omen,” the hair-raising record is an apt representation of what they have to offer.

Shiffley – Drawing Skulls (Submission)

Shiffley, a young Indie-Pop New York City-based band, just shared a killer tune about being carefree and oddly drawing skulls on his forehead. Of course, the title of the danceable track is called, “Drawing Skulls.” Youthful and playful in spirit, the song lives up to how the group describes the single. Although it is moodier and darker than their previous release, it manages to have an earnest punch. There are two Alex’s (vocals/guitar and synth), and a Bryan (drums) and Shaune (bass) in this band.

Sophie Fay – Late Night Thoughts (Submission) (Bonus)

About a month ago, the Russian singer-songwriter Sophie Fay, released her bouncy, fresh debut record with sultry vocals called “Late Night Thoughts.” Stream the new track about real friends not existing. Welp, there goes a chance of ever finding someone who isn’t as fake as silicon!


Written by Richardine Bartee

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