King Los tells a story all-too-familiar

The Baltimore-native King Los gets insightful and tells a story all too familiar about wars, man vs. himself, rather than the wars often pictured on our television screens “with the bombs and the helicopters swarming”. As he visits and sits on the porch with his friend, he tells Los about his life and why he decides to continue to “pump his cane”, for better or worse. As result, he confesses to drug use as a way to numbing himself and acquit his stress.

Taking responsibility and offering help and support and hoping that his friend sees life from his perspective, Los wishes him well and hopes he finds good within himself to truly be delivered from the bind he’s currently in.

“Get money, not God” has been an accurate motto for many individuals in the hood, for a long time because of the harsh realities they have to deal with on a daily basis. I’m wishing that this visual narrative might encourage someone, anyone in the position of power to ricochet ideas amongst their peers, in hopes of planting seeds for vessels of change.


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