Kill Paris uses tech to get carnivorous plant on his latest release ‘Venus Fly Trap’: Listen

Have you ever heard a Venus Flytrap on wax? You can thank Kill Paris for this one.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

I started covering EDM very early on before the explosive craze happened. Now that it has fizzled out from the form we rocked to in the early to mid 10’s, none of it tends to set me off the way it has in the past. Somehow, ‘Venus Fly Trap’ by Kill Paris struck me differently. It could be the seemingly manic madness that makes the artist different from the others. In February, he released a full-length album titled, ‘Galaxies Within Us’. I thought that was it, but it’s not. What makes it different than other records is the process its creators went through to execute it. According to what I’ve read, Kill Paris used his “Midi Sprout technology to draw biodata of a feeding Venus flytrap to serve as the base for his new single. This is literally the sound of an actual Venus Flytrap enjoying its latest meal.” He’s the real nature boy living in a digital world.

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