Watch buzzing North Carolina rapper Kiara’s visual for ‘Ape Shyt’ produced by IGOT20ONMYBEAT

Why these hoes playin’ with me?

Before Kiara says a word, the beat for ‘Ape Shyt’, which is reminiscent of DaBaby’s hard-hitting ‘XXL’, lets you know she’s about to do what needs to be done. She almost has no choice to, on a beat like this one. It’s a simple beat, stripped of any pomp and frills—the type of beat made for a rapper to show out. It has the heavy piano chords to set the tone and a simple drum kit to keep time, with a little woodwind added for flair about halfway through—AKA, there’s nothing for Kiara to hide behind.

Thankfully, she doesn’t need to; just those two minutes of straight bars with a short, catchy hook thrown in had me scrolling the rest of her YouTube. Kiara has a very “take no shit/give all hits” energy that directly reminded me of Megan thee Stallion during her come up. She does not mince words and gets right to it, rapping as if a major label executive told her she has thirty seconds to impress them.

I’m that bitch goin’ ape, tell ‘em get back

The first verse asserts her dominance, and the second verse serves as a call-out. Kiara’s not here for anything else except to rap her ass off, and she is easily on pace to continue putting Charlotte on the map right behind DaBaby.

I’m from the 4, I stay on go/Nice flow, 4x, fours up like I’m Stunna

Ape Shyt is only the tip of the iceberg; wait til ‘Ouchie Wally’ comes on. Don’t sleep.

Written by Manny King John

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