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Worth the Watch: Kevin Gates showcases fatherhood in ‘Great Man’ video


Opening with the video for ‘Great Man’ with his children in sight, Kevin Gates gives us a quick glimpse into fatherhood. As that scene ends, another father pictured with his son talks about how his kids saved his life.

If I wouldn’t have changed or turned around then, I was going to die in the streets, but my son made me remember that you know, a man walks through it.

Another father, who served a prison sentence, he recalls his son’s letter. His son’s words “broke” him. Next, another father shared the reality of growing up as a man to be able to provide as a father and to be a positive example as a man. Ahead of the music, men with their children and grandchildren pose for pictures.

It is a beautiful picture. If you don’t do anything else, watch the video of fathers of colour with their kids. ‘Great Man’ is my favourite track on ‘Luca Brasi 3’. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do for the visual, but the direction is perfect. It’s not about him, but it is about the people who make men great.

By no means is Kevin Gates a saint nor am I, but I’d be the first to say that, regardless of our forgivable pasts, everyone deserves a second chance (at getting parenthood right). There’s nothing wrong with being unsure and wrong, then, finding a way to pick up where you left off in a positive, healthy manner.



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