Indie Pop Star Kenzie Moore shares “Body of Armor”

Kenzie Moore made a song about friends you can lean on.

Kenzie Moore

Ever wondered why women seem to have to be the (emotionally) strong ones in the relationship? Why are we the group of people that have to carry the relationship on our shoulders all the time? Even if we are unhappy? I think there’s a difference between fighting (together) for a balanced love than to fight for a union that isn’t good for you. What’s the connection? A train of thoughts spawned from a 4-minute recording.

Indie Pop star Kenzie Moore’s single “Body of Armor” (produced by Scotty Grand) posed the questions in my mind. Her song talks about being a person to lean on when all is not well in a relationship. It talks about being a protector, a friend, and shield when someone experiences dark days. The 22-year-old plump-cheeked (like me) singer-songwriter is an outstanding vocalist who tells complicated, unpopular stories. According to an article about the Michigan-native talent, Celine Dion once complimented Moore on her singing. Like anyone would, Moore took Dion’s kind words to heart.

“It’s so funny because I walked into [the] studio ‎with a different idea of how I wanted this song to go but, of course, as the studio always goes, things change for the better—and it’s so much better than I ever imagined it. I wanted a song that was a love song but also kind of shows that women can be strong, too. We can not only fight our own battles but we are there for the ones we love. It isn’t always the man needing to save the damsel in distress, we can be the superhero, too,” Moore told Girls Life about “Body of Armor.”

Without further ado, listen to “Body of Armor” below. Kenzie Moore’s album “Dear You” is out today.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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