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Kendrick Lamar Receives Generation Icon Award by California Senate

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On the heels of his album success for To Pimp a Butterfly, rapper Kendrick Lamar was recently recognized for his achievements and community contributions by the California State Senate. Hailing from the 35th Senate District, the Compton native was honored with the Generation Icon Award by the corresponding district Senator Isadore Hall III. Having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars back into his community to support music, sports, and after-school programs, Hall claims the “King Kunta” artist to be a great example of, “…what it means to work hard, do well and give back…”

Kendrick Lamar

A great, historical accomplishment for Hip-Hop, the recognition of T.D.E.’s frontman helps in further breaking the cultural stereotypes of rappers. No matter what, it’s always great to see young black men flourish and be recognized for their contributions and success. Like a rose that grew out of concrete, Lamar has proven that it is always possible to do better and be successful regardless of what humble beginnings you may have.

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Written by Manny King John

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