Watch Kate Nash’s video for ‘Life In Pink’

The track, ‘Life In Pink’, is from the singer’s second independent album release, fourth overall. ‘Yesterday Was Forever’ is the title of the album.

I think there’s a reason why we gravitate to artists in the way that we do. According to the opening lyrics in her latest song, British singer-songwriter Kate Nash says that she thinks about death all the time. She and I are one in that instance.

As she performs the new record from the comfort of a bed, bunnies join her. It recalls memories of Alice and Wonderland, a fantastical tale. If you continue to watch and listen to the lyrics, you find out that the musician is under supervision in what seems to be an asylum. And perhaps, what we see—when watching the music video—is from her mind. Minds are beautiful, aren’t they?

Kate Nash is one-of-a-kind. Check out the video for ‘Life In Pink’ by the rarity of an artist below.


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