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Kaskade shares ‘Love Like That’ featuring Dani Poppitt: One for 2020’s crumbling festival season

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

As the festival experience dissipates because of the coronavirus, singing along to music in public with strangers will be held off for a while. With the cancellation, of Austin’s SXSW, Miami’s Ultra Music, New York’s Red Bull Music Festival, there’s no telling when it will be safe to merrymake with fellow music fans. As of now, Coachella won’t happen until October.

People in the business, including myself, have thought about the possibility of streaming concerts instead, but honestly, what would be the point? To watch your favourite band perform to an empty crowd? How depressing would that be for the artists? But, let’s not go down that rabbit hole just yet. The music we love is still here. Let’s help the musicians we love by increasing their streams over the next few months and buying their music. And if you’re a Kaskade fan, you can join me now in singing along to ‘Love Like That’ featuring Dani Poppitt. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to that feeling for a while.

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