Karamanti Lays Down The Law For Fake Rastas Worldwide


Dubbed one of the most “lyrical” females in Dancehall, Karamanti created an anthem that salutes “real” rasta men and rasta women with rasta children and calls out the imposters of the Rastafari movement. If you’re wearing fake dreads like Fetty Wap or you’re just fascinated with the culture and you don’t feel bruised after watching this video, you’re a strong individual.

According to Karamanti, rasta men do not wear tattoos on their skin. Stating that, as a rasta, if you want artwork, you should get a book to draw in. In addition, you’ll learn that pasta men also do not partake in wearing women’s clothes or walk the streets with their pants sagging. Watch the full video and see what else doesn’t fly.

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