Kanye West replaces JAY Z on ‘Donda’ with DaBaby

Kanye West appears to have cut JAY Z’s verse off their ‘Donda’ collaborative track.

The song originally had a lengthy guest appearance from JAY Z, which Kanye has played at his two previous ‘Donda’ listening sessions in Atlanta. The song features a previously unheard line by DaBaby during the listening session on August 26, 2021, in Chicago at Soldier Field.

Ye’s third public listening session featured a facsimile of his childhood home in the center of the stage, where he and Manson spent much of their performance. New songs were included in the ever-changing album. While we wait for the album, West recently revealed the Donda Stem Player, a compact gadget that allows users to customize tracks with controls for voice, drums, bass, and samples.

Written by Manny King John

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