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If you haven’t, listen to Kanye West’s ‘NAH NAH NAH’, which celebrates a false presidential poll victory

Photo: Twitter

Kanye West shared a new song on social media that celebrated his Kentucky’s Presidential polling results that showcased him in third place in the state’s precinct reporting. After the release Kanye shared a stream of tweets that showed appreciation for his recent victory. 

Even though the screenshots West posted were later found out to be fake, he still uses them to spread false information on social media and has earned a manipulated media stamp on his tweets.

The video of his new song played on a loop of Joaquin Buckley’s recent knockout victory at UFC Fight Night 5. The song talks about his candidacy for the next US President. Throughout the song, he makes reference and shade towards Universal Music Group, “If I put myself is harm’s way to get my own masters/ They put theyself in harm’s way to stay the master”, and credits culture to Black people when he says, “All the stars came from us/All the styles came from us/All the talent came from us/All the shoes came from us/But the news ain’t on us, All the news ain’t on us/They wanna ignore me, rewrite the story”

West also used reference from his verse in Ty Dolla $ign’s 2020 single ‘Ego Death’, and his 2020 single ‘Wash Us in the Blood’. 

Kanye West has once again gone on a rampage of false information during a serious time. His stance in the election is unclear, yet he continues to promote.

Listen to the song below.

Written by Manny King John

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