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Song of the Day: ‘Bound 2’ by Kanye West

Song of the Day: ‘Bound 2’ by Kanye West

Kanye West


Kanye West

Name: Kanye West
Representing: Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Hip-Hop
For fans of: JAY Z
Single from: Yeezus
Produced by: Kanye West, Che Pope, Eric Danchick, Goldstein, No ID, Mike Dean
Song of the Day: February 23, 2016
Label(s): Def Jam

For months, I’ve held off on making this my song of the day, but I think today is the right day for it. Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ sums up what I’ve been feeling and what I feel at this very moment, a mix of exhaustion, loving aimlessly, feeling beautiful, limitless, and I just turned 30.

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