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Energy Source: A list of ebullient songs for refueling featuring Kami-O and Philip Parchment

Hear a new list of new music that will change or enhance the mood you’re currently feeling. It’s called: Energy Source, meant to refuel.

Kami-O – Hyetek (Submission)

Energy is the name of the game. How do you feel when you listen to Future Bass and Dubstep? There’s a surge of energy awaiting your existence at the touch of the button. Kami-O, a super talented producer from the United Kingdom, is showing us what he’s all about through his upcoming instrumental Grime-Club EP: Hyetek. The full EP will be out May 24. Until then, stream the audio below—over and over.

Philip Parchment – SOMBER featuring ONI (Submission)

What doesn’t everyone mix their music to sound like ‘SOMBER’? In what sounds like the score of the middle of a Sci-Fi horror movie, Philip Parchment crafts a ghoulish high-energy tracked aptly titled, SOMBER. Listen to the extraordinary record featuring ONI by the Miami-based producer now, below.

The Eiffels – Body Like That (Submission)

Taking inspiration from what they enjoyed from the nineties, The Eiffels share the official video for ‘Body Like That’. Within the wording of the song, the vocalist sings about a woman who has an incredible body. Whenever they get into an argument, instead of being annoyed or angry at each other, he makes the conscious decision to not be mad at her. Why? He cannot stay mad at a woman with a body like that. Shout out to all of the amazing female bodies out there, that are unconsciously saving relationships.

XXT – Superman (Submission)

Floating on a track with an Eminem-inspired beat, the groups Psycho Flower MC parades on the new track ‘Superman.’ The group XXT (which stands for Xia Xia Technique) is a super creative audiovisual trio hailing from Los Angeles, California. G3NR8TR and GRIM3Y-Y are responsible for the assembly’s grandiloquently hype sound that make you want to dance fast and party hard. Eclectically powerful music comes along with the dance-rap production and dynamic vibrancy this group brings. Giving their touch to the 2002 Eminem song ‘Superman’, the group shows their outspoken, care-free rambunctious spirit. A team with too much talent, the group shot and directed the video themselves.

While Psycho Flower strives to emulate the same acerbic energy that Slim Shady spewed to fans back in the day, she still keeps her unique style. As she stars in the video, Psycho Flower gallivants through a neon technicolor room which she vibrantly compliments. Let this new cover get into your playlist and liven it up! (Bree Ellis)

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